2023 Ranchy Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship Programs

2023 Ranchy Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship Program
Applications Open Feb 1 2023- Feb 28 2023


The Ranchy Equestrian Brand Ambassador program has been developed to support individuals who embody the characteristics of Ranchy; grit, determination, and perseverance.  The program provides an opportunity for selected representatives to receive a commission for positively promoting the Ranchy brand. These opportunities are exclusive and determined by Board membership vote following a competitive application process



Business owner Randie Thomson is very passionate about the Ranchy Brand Ambassador program, as she was a sponsored Ranchy rider herself in 2018!

We're always trying to improve the way we operate, so we're changing things up this year by offering Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship positions!



After receiving A LOT of requests for sponsorships from The Ranchy Equestrian, we thought it would be best to outline our program and let everyone know what we expect. 

⁃ Cash or in-store credit for up to 15% on accumulative annual sales from online store or direct booth sales using BAs unique code
- Personal Discount Code - BAs will be given a personal code to purchase items for their personal use on the online store.
- Points system towards year-end buckle. Points are earned through sales, as well as assisting with events. Hosting booths, helping with set up or take down at events. More details outlined in the

2023 Brand Ambassador Guide

Neither the Sponsorship or Brand Ambassadorship are a free handout

 We want our team members to succeed! We want team members to make a name for themselves. We want to help you grow as an athlete. We also want to grow as a brand, and we believe in team work! The more active you are as an ambassador or sponsored rider, the more we can and will do for them!


We are looking for athletes who are passionate about the brand. We expect our athletes to help promote Ranchy in a positive and community focused way by:

1. Rocking the brand! .. Word of mouth goes a long way.. Word of mouth with a physical presence is even better! While at events, as expect that you wear Ranchy attire and/or patches where applicable should Ranchy branded attire not meet your association's show standards.
2.Participate in prearranged photo shoots. Although we cannot guarantee this, we strive to set quarterly prearranged photo shoot dates. It is an expectation to participate in these shoots, and to grow along side our team as a brand. These images will be used on our website, promotional material and social media accounts.
3. Represent our brand with respect and good character inside and outside the arena! We know the show world can be a god eat dog world.. that's not what we are about! To be 'Ranchy' means showing your grit. determination and perseverance through this. Competition is important. Confidence is needed. But KINDNESS is a must. 
4. Be active active on social media! Take pictures from events and post them in shout-outs on social media. We REQUIRE at least TWO posts per month on social media, including Ranchy direct hashtags, page tags and mentions of your personal Ranchy favourites!    **Hint** The more prevalent you are across multiple social media platforms- the better! 
5. Keep the brand visible while on the road! We can't hit them all! We rely on our sponsors and BAs to have our brand visible on the road and at rodeo/shows/events/home farms (truck/trailer/show shirt/signage/etc)
6. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. We want to know your schedule, goals, injuries, wins and losses. We can only support you if we know where you are. 
7. We expect loyalty. We are okay with our athletes representing other sponsors! We do however insist that you be honest with us about who they are. We also ask that they not be in direct competition with Ranchy Equestrian (ie: not another apparel company, etc) Failure to disclose this prior to initiation of the sponsorship could lead to termination of the sponsorship.
8. Bring in sales and direct business to Ranchy Equestrian. This is the easy one! Talk about us to your friends, store front opportunities, and rodeo associations; again, your role is to help promote and represent Ranchy, and no one can show the world the true nature and value of the brand better than you! 

What The Ranchy Equestrian will do for you:

The sky is the limit. The more you do for us, the more we can do for you. 

Depending on your Brand Ambassador tier, we may provide decals, patches, signs, swag, and apparel items. At a minimum, you will be provided patches and decals.

Your Ranchy family is here to support to you! We will strive to attend events that you advise us that you're competing in. If another member of the Ranchy family is not able to attend in person, you'll be in our thoughts, prayers, and team Ranchy shout-outs wishing you luck and encouragement. 

We will share your accomplishments. We want to see each of our team members make a name for themselves just as much as we want to grow as a brand. We will do everything we can to help get your name out there with all of our followers on social media and in the rodeo world to support you in your dreams.

We will compensate you for sales. We will send you a unique code (referred to as a BA or Sponsorship Code) to be shared in your social media shout outs and used by your friends and family when purchasing on-line. At the end of the year, you will be provided money or in-store credit for up to 15% of your accumulated sales (exact compensation percentage will depend on your Brand Ambassador tier; novice rider up to Sr Brand Ambassador). Further details will be disclosed once chosen for the ambassadorship.

We work with each of our team members on an individual level to meet their needs and ours.

Ranchy Sponsorships are a new program for 2023! 

Sponsorships will be based on an individual level to meet the athlete's needs and ours, recognizing that we are still growing and our Sponsorship program is new. Details of the sponsorships will be negotiated when we contact the successful applicants.

If you have questions about our Brand Ambassador or Sponsorship programs, please email Randie at howdy@ranchy.ca




How to apply for an ambassadorship or sponsorship, please click on this LINK.

The more information you give us the better chance you have at securing one of the available positions. Name ALL of your planned association participation, long haul exposure trips, store front connections and anything else that you feel makes you a valued team member! Sell yourself! 

Applications will ONLY be considered if completed using our Microsoft Forms link.

We will be accepting applications until February 28, 2023. This application is for an Ambassador or Sponsorship for the 2023 season; contracts expiring December 31, 2023.


We're excited to hear from you!! Stay Ranchy!