The term, "Ranchy" to us means to be gritty, and resilient. To get things done when you don't necessarily feel like doing them, or when nobody is watching. To saddle up that rank colt, or rope calves in the pouring rain because.. well… someone’s gotta. 

However to us, to be Ranchy also means to be humble. To show horsemanship and sportsmanship in, and out of the pen. To be an excellent role model for the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls. Who quite possibly watch from the rail, and aspire to be just like you.

As for our logo and design. We instantly loved the look of a longhorn logo. It represents being fierce, and unstoppable. We wanted to portray that with our logo. Unafraid, and bold. 




Stay proud, stay ranchy! 

Now a bit about me!!

My name is Randie Thomson, and I’m a married mom of one!
My husband and I own a small hobby farm in Eastern Ontario, where we raise our daughter, 2 dogs, 4 horses and all the other critters we seems to take home along the way! 

I was sponsored by The Ranchy Equestrian for the 2018 season, where I hauled my mare Raidens Texas Red alllllll over Ontario and some of the States to represent Ranchy proudly!
After the sponsorship ended and starting our family, I began to bug the founder of The Ranchy Equestrian Krista to take the reins over! It didn’t come easy- Krista put her blood, sweat and tears into creating Ranchy- but we are thrilled to say it’s now our turn to build it 💜 

This is of course my “Mommy Business”. I have dreams of being able to rock Ranchy full time one day. Bringing it to every arena, barn yard, and stock yard around! 

Well! That’s my long winded hello, and I can’t wait to get Ranchy with yas 💜


*Update October 2023*

This Mommy business went full time in late 2021, and we are still trucking down the road and building in agricultural stores! 

We found a home in the rodeo community where I am able to compete, and also use my nursing skills to medic while cheering on our sponsored riders!